Turing AI Computing Cloud
Term of Service

Turing AI Computing Cloud (TACC) is a cloud platform for research and education in machine learning with open access to the research community. All uses of TACC should comply with rules set forth in this Term of Service.

Research and Educational Use Only

TACC should not be used for any commercial activities. Only use for research and educational purposes is allowed. Research use means the user intends to disseminate findings through scholarly venues such as journals or academic conferences. Educational use includes class projects and the development of course materials.

Users with heavy usage of TACC are considered to be "Power User" of TACC. Power Users are very much welcomed but are required to fill-in a Power User survey to provide more details about their projects before continuing to use TACC.

Usage Rules

· Do not run any application that performs a security intrusion
· Do not run any application that could be interpreted as a privacy violation
· Do not hold TACC resources when they are not actively used
· Do not access resources that are not allocated to you
· Do not make hacking attempts to the TACC infrastructure


Users agree to acknowledge the use of TACC in their published work that runs or partial runs on TACC, such acknowledgement should include the full name of TACC (Turing AI Computing Cloud), URL to the TACC website turing.ust.hk and cite the TACC whitepaper.

Please read Notes for Acknowledgement for details of the policy.

User Data Privacy

Users should not use TACC to transmit or store data that is protected by privacy regulations. TACC provides basic isolation of memory and storage between users for management purposes, but TACC makes no guarantees with respect to the privacy of data stored within it or transmitted on its networks.

No Warranty or Liability

TACC provides no warranty with respect to the reliability of the service it provides. It is the users' responsibility to make copies of data that is important to them. In no event shall TACC be liable for any claim, damages, whether arising from, out of or in connection with the use of TACC.


Violation to this ToS may result in any of the following:

· Disabling of accounts for users or organizations
· Informing the user's supervisor or the organization's administration
· Reporting to local authority and taking legal actions

To report a suspected violation of this policy, please contact TACC Support (tacc-contact@lists.ust.hk).